Our splitter vans

8-seater teaser
8-seater outside
8-seater cockpit
8-seater cockpit side
8-seater seats
8-seater USB
8-seater tow hitch
8-seater reversecam
8-seater reversecam
8-seater loading space (flexibel w/ locking bars)
Mercedes Benz Sprinter
2+3+3 / driver's suspension seat
Vehicle size (WxHxL)
2,59m x 2,62m x 6,00m
Cargo space (WxHxL
1,60m x 1,90m x 1,80m (flexibel)
Empty weight
2500 kg
Load capacity
1000 kg
120KW / 163PS
max. 150 km/h
Rental price day
145,00 € incl. taxes
Extra kilometers
0,29 € gross
free kilometers
400 per day (300 from day 6 on)
9-Seater (2+2+2+3 seats)
9-Seater outside
cockpit (2+2+2+3 seats)
passenger seats (2+2+2+3 seats)
loading space (2+2+2+3 seats)
power supply (3+3+3 seats)
XL-loading space (3+3+3 seats)
cockpit (3+3+3 seats)
passenger seats (3+3+3 seats)
tow hitch (both)
Mercedes Benz Sprinter
3+3+3 OR 2+2+2+3 / driver's suspension seat
Vehicle size (WxHxL)
2,59m x 2,62m x 7,00m
Cargo space (WxHxL
1,60m x 1,90m x 1,80m (2+2+2+3) OR 2,30m (3+3+3)
Empty weight
2600 kg
Load capacity
900 kg
120KW / 163PS
max. 150 km/h
Rental price day
155,00 € including 19% VAT
Extra kilometers
0,29 € including 19% VAT
free kilometers
400 km per day (300 from day 6 on)

Request a splitter van now

Send us your splitter van request, and we’ll contact you with the right offer for you.

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Payment by bank transfer or cash on pickup. All prices include 19% VAT and include liability, partial and comprehensive insurance. The deductible for lessees for partial coverage is max. 1000 € and for comprehensive coverage is max. 2000 €. Our general terms and conditions apply.



We can bring the splitter van where you want. For a flat rate of 30 € within Berlin during our regular opening hours: Mon to Fri 9am to 6pm.

We can provide you with a custom offer for other places and times.

Tour drivers

Do you drive yourself between gigs? Let us take care of that!

Our drivers know their way around the streets and the music business. They deliver you, your band and instruments to your destination reliably, professionally and safely. Send us your tour details and we’ll put together the right package for you.


From guitar stands to complete drum kits - You can rent the instruments, backline and PA you need, and we’ll load your splitter van quickly and securely. Tell us what you need, and we’ll do the rest.

Shuttle service

Whether it’s a festival or fair - Our shuttle drivers can bring guests and artists safely to the event, hotel or airport. We can also take care of coordination and local communication on request. Let us know what you need.


How do I book my splitter van?

Select the vehicle you want in the booking form, enter your info and send the inquiry.

We’ll email you an offer, which you can confirm by online signature.

Can I reduce the deductible?

Yes, the deductible for comprehensive insurance coverage can be reduced from max. 2000 € to max. 1000 € for 15 € per rental day. Just tick the appropriate box in the inquiry form, or let us know by e-mail by the beginning of the rental period.

The deductible for partial coverage is max. 1000 € and can’t be reduced.

What do you need from me before the rental?
  1. Lessee identity card (photo/scan, alternatively passport with residence registration certificate),
  2. Driver’s license + mobile number of the pickup person
  3. Down payment shown on the booking confirmation - in advance by bank transfer or in cash on pickup.

We don’t require a deposit. IMPORTANT: We can only hand over the vans to you once all the documents and money have been received.

How do I change or cancel my rental?

Write us an e-mail with the desired changes; note that these changes must be communicated at the latest 48 hours before the rental date and must be confirmed by us.

For cancellations, we charge cancellation fees to compensate for working hours and downtime costs. Details can be found under §1 of our GTC.

Where do I pick up my Bus? How do I bring it back?

We’ll tell you about the place and procedure for hand-over by e-mail with confirmation of the rental. Any person with a valid EU B-license can pick up and drive the splitter van. The name + mobile number must be sent to us in advance by e-mail.

When returning, please be sure to return the van swept clean with a full tank at the parking lot discussed at the time of delivery. If there is an issue, call our hotline, which can be found on your rental contract copy.


+49 30 29 77 96 23

Handover & return of splitter vans
at R.A.W.-Area, Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin (unless otherwise agreed)


Revaler Straße 99
10245 Berlin


PHONE: +49 30 29 77 96 23


MO - FR FROM 09:00 AM TO 6:00 PM